QGIS PT users group: Portuguese speaking community

QGIS PortugalIt’s with an enormous pleasure that we announce what we believe to be a very important step for the QGIS Portuguese speaking community, the creation of the QGIS PT users group.

The QGIS PT users group arise from the notorious growth of QGIS usage  in Portugal, with the objective of become a platform for sharing information and experience among the portuguese speaking QGIS users.

We have created a webpage about the group (in portuguese):


There is also a new mailing list available. it’s named qgis-pt@osgeo.org, that you can subscribe here:


As a starting point in the group activities we are also organizing the “2nd Portuguese Users meeting” that will be held at the “Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra“, in Coimbra, Portugal, in the June 2nd 2014.


Whether you are a QGIS user or just curious about this amazing Open Source Software for GIS (and you understand Portuguese) feel free to join the QGIS PT!!